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Pest on Ornamental Shrubs

The modern suburban landscape is full of beautiful plants that are prone to stress because of our climate and our soils. Plants that are not native to the area are going to need some pampering. And often the case  the prep work for properly making a home for the plant was avoided. Some plants prefer only morning sun like the rhododendron. Some need to be sheltered from north winds. Others prefer well drained soil. But in our instant gratification mentality society plant preferences are low on the list of worries. Once a plant is stressed by environmental factors the insects attack.

The key to limiting pest outbreaks is keeping plants healthy and vigorous so they can defend themselves from pest attack. Healthy plants means healthy soils. This is not the same technique as using some famous blue fertilizer to force growth on plants. That forced growth is another form of stress and potential food for insects due to the lack of sugar in the leaf. But when plants derive their nutrients from rich healthy soil their leaf structure is full of complex sugar compounds. This is most commonly understood as the taste of fresh organic produce compared to some mass produced plant factory variety.

Here is a list of the most common insects found in Northern New Jersey Landscapes.

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