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  • Organic Land Care

    Organic Land Care

    Organic Land Care is really about providing your lawn with a healthy soil environment for the turf roots to live in.

  • Plant Health Care

    Plant Health Care

    For homeowners who have spent a lot of money having beautiful landscapes designed and installed, and are left with.....

  • Ornamental Tree Pruning

    Ornamental Tree Pruning

    Properly pruning a young tree to develop into a majestic structure is the perfect combination of science and art.

  • Tree and Shrub Planting

    Tree and Shrub Planting

    At Arbor Culture, we see a lot of plant health issues related to improper planting techniques that simply could have been avoided.


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Arbor CultureArbor Culture offers organic lawn care throughout the Saddle River region and all of Bergen County, New Jersey. We approach all of our projects with enthusiasm and flexibility. Read some testimonials from a few of our clients and see what they are saying about Arbor Culture Organic Lawn Care.

Arbor Culture Tree & Lawn Care is certified by the Department of Environmental Protection. Pest Lic #98994A. To earn this certification, we had to pass licensing tests and participate in annual educational courses.

Arbor Culture Tree & Lawn Care is fully insured for your protection.

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